Thursday, September 3, 2015

They're Kinda Hot Though

My last and final summer concert I went to the 5 Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. This was their first headline tour and I was so excited for it after seeing them open for One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour (where I was one of very few people who knew their songs, sorry I had to brag)  and returned by popular request for the Where We Are Tour. I have loved watching them grow from a small opening act  to selling out their own shows at arenas and amphitheaters in the US. 

I went with my little sister Maddy and this was her first concert and she is way more obsessed with these boys than I am, they are her One Direction so she was so excited for this show. We bought these tickets over a year in advance and since they were coming to Indianapolis, I knew we needed to get the VIP because they are her favorite band. So we had VIP and soundcheck access that allowed us into the venue early. When we went to the VIP Nation table to pick up our tickets, we had some problems because they would not let me use my ID, they needed my mom’s ID since the tickets were purchased under her name (which was dumb because they let me use my ID at 1D) so I was stressed because my mom was not there and we were cutting it close before soundcheck started. We got that problem solved and we went in line for 10 minutes before they started filing us in for the soundcheck. 

We were not allowed to have our phones out and were threatened to be kicked out of the soundcheck and the concert. Since we were running late and it was first come first serve, we were in the back row of the small group so it was still an intimate setting. The soundcheck lasted for about 30 minutes and they sang us 2 songs: ‘Voodoo Doll’ and ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and then they answered several fan questions. The best part of the soundcheck was this little boy about 5 years old who was dressed up as a mini Ashton and when he asked them a question he got handed Ash’s drumsticks. (The pic below was taken right after soundcheck0

After soundcheck, the doors opened to the rest of the public and we waited for the show to start. When the song ‘The Final Countdown’ started playing, we knew it was close to time and soon enough 5SOS had taken the stage. I felt really bad for my sister who is just over 5 ft tall so she was having trouble seeing but she danced to and recorded every song. The thing I am most proud of was my poster. I picked the most embarrassing photos of each of them and glued them to the poster with the words “They’re kinda hot tho” written. We were in the 16th row on the right side of the stage which is where Callum stands and I know he read the sign multiple times and had Luke come over and read it and he laughed. 

I was so excited to hear all the songs from their debut album live, a lot of them for the first time and they definitely did not disappoint. There was not a second where I wasn’t screaming along to the words or twerking to ‘Good Girls’. Overall, I had such a fun time at this concert and I would definitely go again if they came back to Indiana. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Being 20 in a Crowd of 12 Year Olds: One Direction Edition

Sorry this post is coming out about a month late but it’s about One Direction, so it’s worth the wait. 

My OTRA Experience:

This show was my fifth time seeing One Direction live (and sadly my first without Zayn). I had travelled to North Carolina to see the Up All Night tour and then to Ohio for the Take Me Home tour and finally last summer I went to Michigan and Illinois for Where We Are. But this year it was different, the boys were finally coming to Indianapolis, IN only 30 minutes away from where I live. The concert was on July 31st and My birthday was the next day, so needless to say I was HYPED. 

Previous to the show I had applied to be an insider with one of my favorite update accounts and was luckily chosen. The morning of the show my two friends and I got dressed and we waited to hear the news of the boys landing in Indy. My update account sent me the private jet flight information that left from Chicago to Indianapolis. Immediately we texted our friend who just graduated from our school as a flight major and his first reaction was “Holy shit! A gulf stream?! Is this for someone famous?” So he was able to pull some strings and use his pilot knowledge to tell us where to go at the airport. Instead of going to the VIP pre party, we went searching and  found a private jet landing site around the back side of the airport and we waited there. There were several other fans there waiting and we knew this was the right place when we saw about six black SUVs waiting. Finally, the two jets landed and unfortunately they were too far away to get a good view but Harry and Niall waved from a distance. I have gone stalking each show I went to and this was by far the most accurate I have been so I was pretty proud of myself for that. 

Once we arrived to Lucas Oil Stadium, we took some pics and then I checked into the Live Nation booth and went inside. We immediately went to the merchandise table where I bought a tour t shirt and a poster with a $50 bill that I found outside in the grass the day before (thank u jesus).  My seat was alone in the 4th row so I made my way to the floor while my friends went to their seats together on the side. 

I was more than relieved when Icona Pop left the stage and it was almost time for One Direction to come on stage. The energy in the crowd was unreal and it was so loud when they appeared singing ‘No Control’. I was in pure shock because Harry was right in front of me for the majority of the show. I came prepared with several posters and two portable chargers. I literally recorded the whole show and I got some really good footage, especially when they came to the left side of the stage. As tradition, I recreated my “nanananana BATLIAM” poster that he has noticed at every show since he read it out loud at the Take Me Home tour. When he saw my poster he smiled and then waved and it melted my heart. That poster is always foolproof. 

I was already having the time of my life dancing and singing as loud as i could that I thought there was nothing that could make this night better. I was wrong. The night before One Direction surprisingly tweeted that they released a new single called ‘Drag Me Down’. Naturally, I already knew all the words by the time of the show and I hoped that they would sing it but I didn't want to get my hopes up. They kept talking up the song asking if we liked it before finally performing it live for us for the first time. I was so excited and I had to record the whole thing, especially Harry’s notes at the end. Not only was it their first time in Indianapolis, but we were also the first ones to hear the song live. I was literally so excited. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and we had to leave, where on the car ride home I turned 20. One Direction never fails to put on an amazing show and there are always such a variety of people in the crowd raining from a 4 year old little boy, to an NFL Colts player that Harry called out for being too tall in the audience. Their concerts might not be as clean cut and syncronized as Taylor Swift’s, but I love how they engage and interact with the audience. They are always splashing water, throwing out t shirts and talking to the fans which I think is rare for performers. It’s always a good time at the On the Road Again Tour. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome to Chicago, T-Swift

I wanted to go to the 1989 Tour since I first heard the album but I didn't buy my ticket until 3 days before the show. It was a battle for tickets because there were so few left for sale from the venue and I didn’t want to pay for the ridiculous overpriced resale tickets. Luckily I was alble to snatch a seat in the lower 100 level of Soldier Field. 

Costumes. Part of the fun of the 1989 tour is dressing up and making a costume that relates to the album. My best friend Erin and I had a couple ideas, but not being the craftiest people (and the laziest) we decided to wear black dresses with a scarlet “A” printed on it with a sign that says “trust me mine is better” on it. This idea is a subtle reference to Taylor’s song on the deluxe album “New Romantics”. It is one of my favorite songs and I feel like it is under appreciated. 

On the train to downtown Chicago it was raining and there was a tornado warning until 10 pm which made me nervous that the show would be delayed/cancelled. Luckily, the sun came out and it ended up being a hot and humid day which I would take over a funnel cloud any day. 

Erin and I sat in different sections so we went to find our seats right as Shawn Mendes came out on stage. Believe it or not, I am a huge Shawn Mendes fan at the age of 20. I think he is adorable and he has an excellent voice and he is just all around talented for someone his age. I love his music and his debut album is something I could definitely listen to all day. He said that this particular show since there were so many people already in their seats that it was the largest crowd he has ever performed for and he seemed genuinely grateful and excited. I get the impression that he is just a sweetheart and I will always support him. 

After Shawn was Vance Joy. I am very uneducated on his music other than Riptide that is played on the radio all the time. Having this be my first impression of his music, I was hooked. He enjoyed performing and thanked Taylor for having him along on tour multiple times. His music is very chill and I liked the lyrics. Warning- listening to the words, he seems like a very thoughtful and romantic man and the songs just made me wish I was in a relationship (which sadly I am not) this could be my new playlist when I’m feeling emotional. Although the more I listened to it, the more I wish I had been a fan before the show so I knew the songs. 

The third and final opening act on the tour are Taylor’s good friends Haim. They are super rock, edgy girls that can rock out. I had never heard their music before and to be honest, I wasn't really feeling it. They were kind of mumbling on stage and jumping around and making some facial expressions that were quite frankly, scary. I don't think I will ever be listening to their music after that performance. If it were up to me I would have had Haim be the first act and gave them less time, followed by Shawn and then Vance. I would have preferred to have the other acts be on stage longer instead of them. 

Finally the moment we were all waiting for- Taylor comes on stage. You can always rely on Taylor to put on a great show and she definitely did not disappoint. She started with Welcome to New York and ended with Shake it Off. On this first night at Soldier Field, her special guest was Andy Grammar and they sang Honey, I’m good which got me super excited because I love Andy. But the next night (the show I didn’t go to was Sam Hunt) I absolutely love Sam Hunt and would have given anything to have been at that show instead. What I love about her is how she will stop and have a conversation with you in-between songs. I think that she is a very wise person and is someone that you can really learn from. She talked about how one of her fans asked her if she should get back together with her boyfriend because he said he loved her and she asked the girl why he could say it then but he couldn’t say it when they were together. She told all 60,000 of us that we are worthy of being loved and having someone that will tell us when it actually matters. Taylor is an extremely strong person and regardless of what people say about her I think that she has a good heart and genuinely cares about her fans. After our heart to heart she said that Chicago had given her all the feels and was going to sing one of her old songs that she has never played on the 1989 tour before. She started singing Fifteen and emotions ran high. Although I wasn't kissing boys and going on dates at the age of 15 that song was always one of my favorites. Of course for the rest of the songs I was singing at the top of my lungs and recording videos. My snapchat story might have also been over 300 seconds long. Ooops. #NoRagrats 

What was so cool about this tour is that every person in the stadium got this bracelet that you activate before she comes on stage and they would all light up during songs and created a twinkling light effect that was actually beautiful. The whole stadium was lit up and I can only imagine how cool it looked from where Taylor was standing. 

Although I paid the same amount for the Red tour two years ago and was in the pit and was so close I touched her, I still don’t regret going to this show. 1989 is her best album so far and she seems to have it all going for her with her friends and special guests. There’s no stopping her. 

Bring on Fall

Casual Fall

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ed Sheeran Concert Review

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend an Ed Sheeran concert. This was the fourth time I have seen him perform live and was also the largest venue. Ed is probably my favorite artist and I have been a dedicated fan for years. He is truly talented and watching him perform live is even better. 

This tour was the first time I had heard the songs off of “Multiply” and the setlist was incredible. Watching him build up the beat with his loop pedal is one of the most mesmerizing things you will ever witness. His ability to seamlessly combine songs within a song displays his immense amount of talent and how he is able to capture the attention of a large crowd. There was so much energy at the show and it had me dancing and yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs. The people around me were staring but I did not care because I was enjoying myself and the music. He also finished off the show dressed in an Andrew Luck jersey, which is the quarterback for the Colts, showing his support for the city he was performing in. It suited him very well and he should wear jerseys more often.

First arriving at the venue, I immediately went to the nearest merchandise table to buy a t shirt. The first one I picked out, I had second thoughts about so I asked for a different design (the X with the cat pattern). Unfortunately, I was told that they were sold out of all of those shirts. The only two left were the one that the boy was wearing. He jokingly offered to sell it to me and I accepted. The poor boy turned around and stripped out of the shirt and put on the one that I didn't want. I literally took the shirt off this man’s back. On the bright side though, I got the shirt I wanted and the boy was easy on the eyes. 

Once we claimed our spot on the lawn, my next mission was to find my concert friends. The first time I saw Ed live was almost three years ago in a small venue downtown. I waited outside in the middle of January for 9 hours to see this show. The people I was surrounded by in line are now my very good friends. When you spend all day suffering together, there is a bond created that will never be forgotten. We ordered pizza to the side of the road and shared blankets and entertained each other the whole day. Basically, it was the best day of my life. 

Although I would consider this the worst performance experience I have seen by Ed, not because he lacked stage presence or talent because it is in fact the opposite, but having experienced his presence in a small, intimate venue compared to a large outdoor arena makes all the difference in the world. The show lacked an emotional connection that is only able to achieve in smaller music halls. I am so proud of everything Ed has accomplished and of course I want him to be successful, but nothing will come close to the first show I saw. Next time Ed Sheeran is in town, you better believe I will be there for the fifth time. 

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody!

This is my new blog that I decided to start while I was bored at work today. I am a very creative and emotional person so this blog will act as a diary/inspiration outlet for me (sorry).

If you have no interest in concerts, clothes, college living, or tasty foods then I suggest you exit this page immediately.