Monday, July 6, 2015

Ed Sheeran Concert Review

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend an Ed Sheeran concert. This was the fourth time I have seen him perform live and was also the largest venue. Ed is probably my favorite artist and I have been a dedicated fan for years. He is truly talented and watching him perform live is even better. 

This tour was the first time I had heard the songs off of “Multiply” and the setlist was incredible. Watching him build up the beat with his loop pedal is one of the most mesmerizing things you will ever witness. His ability to seamlessly combine songs within a song displays his immense amount of talent and how he is able to capture the attention of a large crowd. There was so much energy at the show and it had me dancing and yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs. The people around me were staring but I did not care because I was enjoying myself and the music. He also finished off the show dressed in an Andrew Luck jersey, which is the quarterback for the Colts, showing his support for the city he was performing in. It suited him very well and he should wear jerseys more often.

First arriving at the venue, I immediately went to the nearest merchandise table to buy a t shirt. The first one I picked out, I had second thoughts about so I asked for a different design (the X with the cat pattern). Unfortunately, I was told that they were sold out of all of those shirts. The only two left were the one that the boy was wearing. He jokingly offered to sell it to me and I accepted. The poor boy turned around and stripped out of the shirt and put on the one that I didn't want. I literally took the shirt off this man’s back. On the bright side though, I got the shirt I wanted and the boy was easy on the eyes. 

Once we claimed our spot on the lawn, my next mission was to find my concert friends. The first time I saw Ed live was almost three years ago in a small venue downtown. I waited outside in the middle of January for 9 hours to see this show. The people I was surrounded by in line are now my very good friends. When you spend all day suffering together, there is a bond created that will never be forgotten. We ordered pizza to the side of the road and shared blankets and entertained each other the whole day. Basically, it was the best day of my life. 

Although I would consider this the worst performance experience I have seen by Ed, not because he lacked stage presence or talent because it is in fact the opposite, but having experienced his presence in a small, intimate venue compared to a large outdoor arena makes all the difference in the world. The show lacked an emotional connection that is only able to achieve in smaller music halls. I am so proud of everything Ed has accomplished and of course I want him to be successful, but nothing will come close to the first show I saw. Next time Ed Sheeran is in town, you better believe I will be there for the fifth time. 

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