Thursday, September 3, 2015

They're Kinda Hot Though

My last and final summer concert I went to the 5 Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour. This was their first headline tour and I was so excited for it after seeing them open for One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour (where I was one of very few people who knew their songs, sorry I had to brag)  and returned by popular request for the Where We Are Tour. I have loved watching them grow from a small opening act  to selling out their own shows at arenas and amphitheaters in the US. 

I went with my little sister Maddy and this was her first concert and she is way more obsessed with these boys than I am, they are her One Direction so she was so excited for this show. We bought these tickets over a year in advance and since they were coming to Indianapolis, I knew we needed to get the VIP because they are her favorite band. So we had VIP and soundcheck access that allowed us into the venue early. When we went to the VIP Nation table to pick up our tickets, we had some problems because they would not let me use my ID, they needed my mom’s ID since the tickets were purchased under her name (which was dumb because they let me use my ID at 1D) so I was stressed because my mom was not there and we were cutting it close before soundcheck started. We got that problem solved and we went in line for 10 minutes before they started filing us in for the soundcheck. 

We were not allowed to have our phones out and were threatened to be kicked out of the soundcheck and the concert. Since we were running late and it was first come first serve, we were in the back row of the small group so it was still an intimate setting. The soundcheck lasted for about 30 minutes and they sang us 2 songs: ‘Voodoo Doll’ and ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and then they answered several fan questions. The best part of the soundcheck was this little boy about 5 years old who was dressed up as a mini Ashton and when he asked them a question he got handed Ash’s drumsticks. (The pic below was taken right after soundcheck0

After soundcheck, the doors opened to the rest of the public and we waited for the show to start. When the song ‘The Final Countdown’ started playing, we knew it was close to time and soon enough 5SOS had taken the stage. I felt really bad for my sister who is just over 5 ft tall so she was having trouble seeing but she danced to and recorded every song. The thing I am most proud of was my poster. I picked the most embarrassing photos of each of them and glued them to the poster with the words “They’re kinda hot tho” written. We were in the 16th row on the right side of the stage which is where Callum stands and I know he read the sign multiple times and had Luke come over and read it and he laughed. 

I was so excited to hear all the songs from their debut album live, a lot of them for the first time and they definitely did not disappoint. There was not a second where I wasn’t screaming along to the words or twerking to ‘Good Girls’. Overall, I had such a fun time at this concert and I would definitely go again if they came back to Indiana.