Sunday, August 30, 2015

Being 20 in a Crowd of 12 Year Olds: One Direction Edition

Sorry this post is coming out about a month late but it’s about One Direction, so it’s worth the wait. 

My OTRA Experience:

This show was my fifth time seeing One Direction live (and sadly my first without Zayn). I had travelled to North Carolina to see the Up All Night tour and then to Ohio for the Take Me Home tour and finally last summer I went to Michigan and Illinois for Where We Are. But this year it was different, the boys were finally coming to Indianapolis, IN only 30 minutes away from where I live. The concert was on July 31st and My birthday was the next day, so needless to say I was HYPED. 

Previous to the show I had applied to be an insider with one of my favorite update accounts and was luckily chosen. The morning of the show my two friends and I got dressed and we waited to hear the news of the boys landing in Indy. My update account sent me the private jet flight information that left from Chicago to Indianapolis. Immediately we texted our friend who just graduated from our school as a flight major and his first reaction was “Holy shit! A gulf stream?! Is this for someone famous?” So he was able to pull some strings and use his pilot knowledge to tell us where to go at the airport. Instead of going to the VIP pre party, we went searching and  found a private jet landing site around the back side of the airport and we waited there. There were several other fans there waiting and we knew this was the right place when we saw about six black SUVs waiting. Finally, the two jets landed and unfortunately they were too far away to get a good view but Harry and Niall waved from a distance. I have gone stalking each show I went to and this was by far the most accurate I have been so I was pretty proud of myself for that. 

Once we arrived to Lucas Oil Stadium, we took some pics and then I checked into the Live Nation booth and went inside. We immediately went to the merchandise table where I bought a tour t shirt and a poster with a $50 bill that I found outside in the grass the day before (thank u jesus).  My seat was alone in the 4th row so I made my way to the floor while my friends went to their seats together on the side. 

I was more than relieved when Icona Pop left the stage and it was almost time for One Direction to come on stage. The energy in the crowd was unreal and it was so loud when they appeared singing ‘No Control’. I was in pure shock because Harry was right in front of me for the majority of the show. I came prepared with several posters and two portable chargers. I literally recorded the whole show and I got some really good footage, especially when they came to the left side of the stage. As tradition, I recreated my “nanananana BATLIAM” poster that he has noticed at every show since he read it out loud at the Take Me Home tour. When he saw my poster he smiled and then waved and it melted my heart. That poster is always foolproof. 

I was already having the time of my life dancing and singing as loud as i could that I thought there was nothing that could make this night better. I was wrong. The night before One Direction surprisingly tweeted that they released a new single called ‘Drag Me Down’. Naturally, I already knew all the words by the time of the show and I hoped that they would sing it but I didn't want to get my hopes up. They kept talking up the song asking if we liked it before finally performing it live for us for the first time. I was so excited and I had to record the whole thing, especially Harry’s notes at the end. Not only was it their first time in Indianapolis, but we were also the first ones to hear the song live. I was literally so excited. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and we had to leave, where on the car ride home I turned 20. One Direction never fails to put on an amazing show and there are always such a variety of people in the crowd raining from a 4 year old little boy, to an NFL Colts player that Harry called out for being too tall in the audience. Their concerts might not be as clean cut and syncronized as Taylor Swift’s, but I love how they engage and interact with the audience. They are always splashing water, throwing out t shirts and talking to the fans which I think is rare for performers. It’s always a good time at the On the Road Again Tour. 

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